Buyers guide

In Taylor Wimpey de España, we want to ensure that the process of purchasing your property is as simple, fast and efficient as possible. That is why we are pleased to
place at your disposal our Customer Care Department (CCD) which will accompany you throughout the process of buying your property and anything else that needs to be taken care of afterwards.

From the moment you sign the reservation contract, we will assign a Personal Manager to you, who will contact you and keep you up to date with the progress of your home. He or she will advise you on the steps to follow until the property is handed over and will answer any queries you may have.
Should you have any concerns about your property, please do not hesitate to contact your Personal Manager who will respond to you rapidly, involving other departments of Taylor Wimpey were that to prove necessary.

This “Buying Guide” covers all the stages you will go through and all the steps you will have to follow during the process of purchasing your home. We hope to provide you with an unparalleled purchasing experience and we thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

The Customer Care Department has the following office hours:
Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You can contact us by telephone on +34 971 706857 or at the following email address [email protected]

Preparation process when purchasing any property from TWE.
Once you have chosen your home, your Sales Advisor will request the following information and documentation (copies will be made of any documents) to formally reserve your property:

Buyer identification:
-When buying as a private individual: Valid PASSPORT or NIE (Foreign Residents ID number).
-When buying as a legal entity/company:

  • FISCAL ID NUMBER and the deed of incorporation and/or certificate from the Mercantile Register to confirm the business identity.
  • Valid Passport or NIE (Foreign Residents ID number) belonging to the administrator or proxy signing the reservation document. In the case of proxies, a legal Power of Attorney is required; in the case of administrators, proof of their capacity to represent the company must be shown in the deed of incorporation and/or in a deed of appointment of an administrator and/or with a certificate from the Mercantile Register from the corresponding country.
  • Valid Passport or NIE (Foreign Residents ID number) for all shareholders owning a 25 % share or more of the company’s shares or holdings.

Registration and legal documents must be translated into Spanish; if necessary, these must carry the Hague Convention Apostille.

Completion and signing of the “Know Your Client” document (KYC), for prevention of moneylaundering purposes, by each buyer and presentation of any required documentation.

Should the buyer be a company, along with the KYC signed by the administrator or proxy, KYCs must also be completed and signed by all shareholders with holdings of 25 % or more of the company. The balance sheet and profit and loss statement must also be presented, without prejudice to any other documentation required.

Identification of the property, as well as any annexes forming part of the purchase and details of the agreed payment structure with the completion and signing of the reservation document, along with the building specifications and plan of the property. These documents can be signed in person at our offices at the time of making the reservation, or electronically using the SIGNATURIT platform.

Payment of the deposit for the amount determined by TWE. Once this sum has been paid, it will be necessary to verify the origin of the funds by means of a certificate confirming the identity of the holder of the bank account from which the deposit payment has been made and from which all future payments for the property purchase shall be made, together with proof of payment.

The property will be considered formally reserved once TWE has received all the documentation, completed and signed, and payment of the reservation deposit.

The Developer is obliged to actively cooperate with the prevention of money laundering and comply with all European Union policies and protocols in this regard, as regulated in Spain by Law 10/2010 and its implementing regulations and expects the same conduct from its clients. By complying with these rules, we help ensure that money used to purchase property isobtained legitimately and does not come from criminal activity. This helps protect both buyers and sellers, maintains a fair and transparent property market, and contributes to a safer and more reliable business environment in Spain. We are
therefore obliged to verify that all funds used by you to purchase your new property in Spain have been obtained legally.

Compliance with these requirements is mandatory. For the same reason, please take note of the following:

  • Personal cheques, cash, or funds that originate from a country or region considered of risk, will not be accepted.
  • Payments from third parties will not be accepted, i.e., persons or companies other than the signatory of the contract, unless explicitly approved and identified by the person making the payment on behalf of the signatory of the reservation.

Once the reservation has been formalised and the Money Laundering prevention process completed, you will receive an e-mail or communication from your Sales Advisor with the following documents:

a. Draft purchase contract.
b. Plan of the property.
c. Plan of the entire development.
d. Building specifications for the development (Building Specifications).
e. Building permit for the development.
f. List of extras (for projects where these are an option).

To facilitate the signing process, Taylor Wimpey will send you a generic contract in English and/or German along with the contract in Spanish.
Previous to sending the purchase contract for signature, you must have provided the Bank Ownership Certificate(s) from which all payments for the purchase will be made, as well as any other information that your agent may indicate. Please note that without this certificate, the purchase contract cannot be issued.

Once you have provided the documentation and reviewed the paperwork, the next steps to follow are as follows:

Digital signature through the Signaturit platform:
Signaturit is a digital signature solution that allows us to sign sales contracts and other documents electronically. We use Signaturit because it simplifies the signing process, saving time and resources. It provides a secure and legally binding way to sign contracts from anywhere, at any time, and using any device which has an Internet connection. With Signaturit, our clients can sign contracts easily and efficiently, eliminating the need to print, scan, and e-mail physical documents. It guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of signed contracts and provides a transparent audit trail for legal and compliance purposes.

To begin the process, you will be sent a link by e-mail. Click on the link and you will be redirected directly to the Signaturit platform where you will be able to verify and sign the document at the end of the process. The signature can be done from any device with internet access such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You can use a digital pen, your own finger, or the cursor on your personal computer to sign the document. Once you have signed it, our representative will proceed with the signature. Once both parties have signed, you will receive a copy of the contract duly signed and legally valid via e-mail, thus concluding the signing process.

Please note that to undertake this process, each of the purchasers must provide an individual, personal e-mail address.

Manual signature:
If a digital signature is not possible, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Print two copies of the documentsreceived in Spanish:
    • Purchase contract.
    • Plan of the property.
    • Plan of the entire development.
    • Building specifications of the development (Building Specifications).

2. Sign all pages of both copies.

3. Send both original signed copies by post to the address provided by your Sales Advisor.

4. Pay the amount specified in the contract.

5. Finally, the signed purchase contract will be sent by registered post to your postal address.

Once these steps have been completed the documentary part of the Contract of Sale will be formalised, remember that in order for the formalisation to be complete, you must pay the contract payment to the bank account indicated in the contract.

* At the time of making any payment by bank transfer, please verify that the bank account to which the transfer is made is one of those indicated in the booking documents/private contract.

Taylor Wimpey has a policy to cover all instalment payments received during the construction process in accordance with the provisions laid out in the Building Regulations Law. This policy does not cover any property whose construction process has already been completed.

The construction process will be deemed completed once the property has obtained final approval from the surveyor. Once Taylor Wimpey receives the signed contractual documentation and the corresponding payment, we will proceed to request the corresponding document (Policy or Guarantee, depending on the development). This procedure takes approximately 30 working days.

Taylor Wimpey will send you the policy document by e-mail using the Signaturit digital signature platform to obtain your signature, or the bank will send you a copy of the policy document. Once the document has been signed by all parties, you will receive a legally valid, signed copy of the policy document by e-mail, at which point the process of signing the policy document will be completed.

If we cannot send the documents via Signaturit, we will send them by registered post. If the policy is in the form of a guarantee, you will receive three copies, one copy is for you to keep and the other two must be signed and returned by ordinary post to Taylor Wimpey.

If the document is a bank guarantee or insurance policy, you will receive the original document which must be returned to the person representing Taylor Wimpey de España on the day the deeds are signed before the notary.

*At the time of making any payment by bank transfer, please verify that the bank account to which the transfer is made is one of those indicated in the booking documents/private contract.

Taylor Wimpey can offer a list of optional extras that you may acquire once you have formalised the contract of sale.

Deadlines have been established for applying for these extras, based on the progress of the construction work. Under no circumstances is it possible to request Extras within the 45 days prior to the date on which the deeds are scheduled to be signed.

What do I have to do to request the extras?

  • If you do not already have a list of the extras that are available for your home, please ask your Personal Manager for a copy.
  • Let us know what extras you would like to add to your new home.
  • Your Personal Manager will send you a quotation.

Are you happy with the quotation? To activate the extras, we will need:

  • The signed and scanned quotation, by email.
  • Payment of 100% of the total quotation.

Once we have received the payment and the signed quotation, your Personal Manager shall request and activate the extras for your home.
Important: It is advisable to request the extras as soon as possible, given that their availability depends on the progress of the construction work.

What are the benefits of requesting the extras while your home is being built?

  • You will not have any communication problems; your Personal Manager will manage the request, the monitoring and the installation of the extras.
  • We will ensure that all your extras are correctly installed when your property is handed over to you.

We really want the handover of your home to be as easy and as effortless as possible for you. With that in mind, below you will find a detailed description of the steps that have to be followed during this process:


Taylor Wimpey will notify you when it begins to organise the signing of the deeds, once your home has been completed and we are in possession of the necessary documentation. In this communication, you will be asked to provide us with certain information prior to signing the deeds:

  • Contact information, should you have a lawyer, a representative or a mortgage institution.
  • The identity document of the buyer or buyers.

– Foreigners: Copy of the passport and the Foreigner’s + Identification Number (“NIE”)*.
– Spanish citizens: Copy of the National Identification Document.

  • If a legal representative signs on your behalf, you must also send us:

– A copy of the power of attorney in favour of the legal representative who will be signing on yourbehalf.
– A copy of the identity document of the legal representative.

  • The number of the source bank account** from which you have made payments to Taylor Wimpey

*This is very important to be able to subsequently contract water, gas and electricity utilities, to be able to register the property and to pay the corresponding taxes within the legally established time limits.
*** This is essential to be able to sign the deeds, given that legally the buyer(s) of the property must all be holders of the accounts from which the payment is made. 

In the case of a Company, the following documents will also be required:

  • A copy of the identification document of the representative of the company (NIE/Passport).
  • Tax Identification Certificate.
  • The articles of association of the company.
  • Identification of beneficial owners of the partnership with a share greater than 25%.
  • Authorization for buying issued by the General Board of Associates if a critical assetis involved.

If a legal representative signs on your behalf, you must also send us:

  • A copy of the power of attorney in favour of the legal representative who will sign on behalf of the company.
  • A copy of the identity document of the legalrepresentative.



Prior to signing the deeds of the property, we will organise an inspection visit so that you can see what condition it is in. This inspection will be carried out with a Supervisor from Taylor Wimpey who will introduce you to the main features of the property and the devices that have been installed.

Should you come across any defect during the inspection, you will be able to report it to the Supervisor who will register the defect with a commitment to resolve it normally within an average term of no more than 15 days*.

* This average term is a commitment by Taylor Wimpey and will always be subject to the specific circumstances of each incident and to any associated industrial circumstances thereto; this should not be construed as an obligation.



On the day you are due to sign the deeds, or the day beforehand, you must pay any outstanding balance of the operation. This may be done in one of two ways:

  • On the actual day on which you sign the deeds and in the offices of the notary public, by a bank certified cheque issued by a Spanish bank in favour of “Taylor Wimpey de España S.A.U.” for the outstanding balance of the operation.
  • By bank transfer of the same outstanding amount of the operation, which should have been received in the account of Taylor Wimpey 72 hours before the day on which the deeds are to be signed.

**At the time of making any payment by bank transfer, please verify that the bank account to which the transfer is made is one of those indicated in thebooking documents/private contract.

During the signing of the deeds, a Legal Representative of Taylor Wimpey will hand you the keys of the property and the Customer’s Folder in which you will find the plans, warranties, maintenance manual and other documents.
Finally, it is Very Important that before you plan your trip, you should coordinate and confirm with your Personal Manager the exact date on which you are due to sign the deeds, since that date may vary depending on the availability of banks, notaries, lawyers and legal representatives.

Once the deeds have been signed, the new owner is responsible for contracting the electricity, gas and water utilities.

The homes are delivered without connected utility supplies. Here we explain how to contract electricity and water supplies. To facilitate this process, Taylor Wimpey offers a service whereby we look after the contracts for the electricity, gas and water metres in your home.

This service costs 300 € + 21% VAT, which must be paid separately by a single bank transfer to Taylor Wimpey.

This amount does not include the sign-up fees for such utilities, which will be billed directly to the customer by the corresponding water, gas or electricity supplier. The cost of such fees can vary depending on the location of the residential development.

So that Taylor Wimpey can sign you up for these utilities and so that we can set up direct debit arrangements for the bills your suppliers will issue thereafter, you will need to provide us with the following documentation:

  • A copy of the NIE (Foreign Identification Number) of the purchaser or purchasers together with a photocopy of your/their passport(s).
  • A bank account from a Spanish bank.
  • A signed authorisation to carry out the necessary paperwork.

If the documentation is not received, we will be unable to complete the contract for the water meter and the property will be handed over without a water supply.

We inform you that once the construction of the residential development has been completed and in accordance with current legislation, Taylor Wimpey will take out a 10-year building insurance policy.

A 10-year building insurance policy is a compulsory insurance which development companies should take out, in order to insure against potential flaws. This insurance guarantees the liabilities of all those involved in the building, be they builders, developers or architects, for defects that affect the mechanical strength or the stability of the building for a period of 10 years from the date of construction.

Such an insurance policy is required for buildings whose primary use is residential.


On the other hand, Law 38/1999 about Building Regulations (LOE) establishes three periods within which you may sue for such liabilities; these are:

  • 10 years, caused by defects that affect the foundations, the beams, the framework, in short, those that compromise the mechanical resistance and the stability of the building. (10-year building insurance)
  • 3 years, for defects in the constructive elements or facilities that fail to comply with the requirements of habitability.
  • 1 year, for defects that have arisen in the finishes of thework.


  • Appliances and any electronic equipment installed in your home fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. Taylor Wimpey will not therefore be responsible for such devices and in the event of a fault therein, you should contact the official technical service to avail yourself of such warranties.
  • The telecommunications installations in residential developments that are promoted by Taylor Wimpey meet and exceed current regulations, but this fact does not guarantee that they can capture satellite signals from other countries, not adequately oriented to the national territory. Therefore, Taylor Wimpey assumes no responsibility if the client is not able to access such TV channels.
  • Properties, as is the case withmost products, require adequate maintenance and that is the sole responsibility of the owner. Together with the property itself, Taylor Wimpey provides you with a maintenance manual in order to inform you and to make it easier for you to maintain your property correctly.
  • The air conditioning systems that are installed in residential developments thatare promoted by Taylor Wimpey comply with current regulations and respect the parameters of energy efficiency and the temperatures laid down in that legislation.



  • We would like to inform you thatTaylor Wimpey offers the possibility ofincorporating Extras to your home. These are included in the list of extras for the residential development, but they must be ordered at least 45 days prior to the signing of the deeds.
  • In order not to affect the deadlines forthe execution of the work,Taylor Wimpey does not undertake anyalterations or modifications to the
  • Should you wish to make any changesin the property once you have signedthe deeds, you will have to contact aqualified technician directly. In such acase, Taylor Wimpey does not guaranteenor does it accept any responsibilitytherefor, that the supplier will be able tospeak to you in your language nor forthe quality or the level of the finishes, or that the desired changes can in fact be carried out.



  • Should you have been provided with a bank guarantee, you must return it to the representative of Taylor Wimpey on the day on which the deeds are formalised before a notary public.
  • Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, the transfer of the rights of the contract of sale is expressly prohibited.
  • In the case of agreement, if you decide to add or change the name of the buyers, you must notify us as soon as possible and you should know that legally this is considered an assignment and that it will have fiscal implications for you.


During the construction process, for health and safety reasons it will not be possible to make site visits Before the handover of the property, an appointment will be arranged for you to inspect the property


Buyers are recommended to read the attached Guide to Buying a Property in Spain, published by the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Colegio Nacional de Registradores de la Propiedad de España (RDE) (Association of Land and Mercantile Registrars of Spain).


At the time of making any payment by  bank transfer, please verify that the bank account to which the transfer is made is one of those indicated in the booking documents/private contract.


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