Golden visas: Which countries offer the best opportunities

GOLDEN visas have become increasingly popular with wealthy Britons since Brexit brought an end to free movement. The attractive golden schemes offer a way for British people to move abroad to several EU countries but which one offers the best opportunities?

Expats looking to invest in property or business overseas could have a great chance of gaining a golden visa. spoke to several golden visa experts about the best schemes on offer in Europe.

Christopher Nye, Senior editor at Property Guides, told “When Brexit happened, and all through the negotiations when the EU was holding firm as one bloc, there was a lot of worry as to whether this meant the end of the dream of retiring to the sun.

“For those of us helping Brits move abroad, like Property Guides, the diverse range of residence-by-investment ‘golden visa’ schemes across Europe reassured us that you would still be able to retire to the sun – or work abroad – if you really wanted to.

“Almost a year after the transition period ended our confidence has been proved right.

“Barely a month goes by without one EU country or another coming up with a new visa or low-tax scheme to encourage non-EU citizens to bring themselves and their wealth.”

Spain’s golden visa scheme is another option for Britons seeking to leave the UK for a sunnier climate.

The Mediterranean hotspot is extremely popular with British expats, with most settling in coastal areas.

César Garzón, a Spanish lawyer, told “British families with a golden visa are no longer trapped by the restrictions placed on tourist visas.

“They can spend as much time in Spain as they wish. Or as little, as they only need to visit Spain once per calendar year.

“There is no obligation to spend more than six months in Spain, so they can avoid being taxed as Spanish residents if they prefer.”

Mark Pritchard, Sales and Marketing director of Taylor Wimpey España, said: “Those with a golden visa can enjoy unrestricted access to Spain for as many days per year as they wish, just as they did prior to Brexit.”


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