The mental health benefits of beachside living

The mental health benefits of beachside living

We have long associated spending time by the water with the healing of ailments. For wealthy Victorians, seaside convalescence homes and time spent in spa towns was considered an appropriate way to recover from illness or injury. And the science certainly stacks up when it comes to sea air – spending time by the sea can improve mood, circulation and heart rate, support a healthy immune system, help regulate sleep and blood pressure and more.


What we have only come to understand more recently, though, is how beneficial spending time at the seaside can be for mental wellbeing, as well as physical health. A research team at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) at the University of Exeter looked into this in depth, surveying 15,000 people spread across 14 countries. They found a direct connection linking respondents who had spent more time by blue spaces as children to better mental health during adulthood. Lead author of the study, Valeria Vitale, comments:


“Our findings suggest that building familiarity and confidence in and around blue spaces during childhood may stimulate an inherent joy of nature and encourage people to seek out recreational nature experiences, with beneficial consequences for adult mental health.”


When it comes to providing opportunities for recreation by the sea, Spain has plenty to offer. The Costa del Sol alone boasts a coastline that stretches for 150 km along the southern edge of the country. That provides plenty of space for exercising outdoors, whether swimming in the sea, playing a round of golf with stunning coastal views, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing, jogging along promenades or any one of dozens of activities.


New quality homes – beachside living

Between the high percentage of ions in sea air and the abundance of vitamin D generated by spending time in the sun, the mental and physical health benefits of life by the sea can be extensive. There’s also the fact that long, lazy days on the beach with a good book can do wonders when it comes to reducing stress levels. Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director at Taylor Wimpey España, comments:


“People enjoy their time at and near the beach in myriad different ways. For some, it’s about creating magical family memories while the children are young. For others, the beach is all about long, solitary walks off-season as the breeze blows in from the sea. Coastal areas are very versatile in this respect – there’s something for everyone, with mental and physical wellbeing benefits being a key part of the package.”


This variety of purpose when it comes to spending time by the sea is something in which the Taylor Wimpey España team is well versed, having built waterfront properties in Spain for the past 65 years. One of their latest developments – Solemar at Casares Beach in Malaga – delivers stunning sea views from its location just 750 m from the shore. The two- and three-bedroom apartments face southeast, with spacious terraces that are ideal for making the most of the views and the natural light. Large, landscaped areas and a communal pool encourage owners to enjoy their time outdoors, as does having the nearest golf course just 300 m away.



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