Rising enquiries signal renewed confidence in Spanish second homes

Spanish second homes: Rising enquiries signal renewed confidence as dust settles on Brexit deal

  • Taylor Wimpey España reports 30% increase in leads
  • 2021 likely to see release of pent-up demand for second homes
  • Growth in home working leading to different ways of using holiday properties

As the dust settles on the UK’s last minute Brexit deal with the EU, it seems that Brits who have been keeping one eye on the potential of owning property in Spain are already swinging into action. Leading Spanish home builder Taylor Wimpey España has begun the new year with a flurry of enquiries from Britons interested in buying homes in Spain.

The firm has reported a 30% increase in leads in the first week of January 2021 when compared with the same period in 2020. In addition, website traffic from the UK is up 57% over the same timeframe.

And Brits aren’t only looking; just one working day into January, Taylor Wimpey España had already sold its first property of the year – to a British buyer.

While COVID remains at the forefront of many minds, the beginning of vaccination programmes across the globe means that there is room for cautious optimism for the travel industry as a whole over the course of 2021. As the world’s second most popular international tourism destination (based on World Bank data) this is particularly important for Spain.

Yet even without the added complication of COVID-19 thrown in, the UK’s departure from the EU was always going to impact the way that second homeowners use their holiday properties.

We’ve seen buyers changing their expectations about how and when they plan to use their second homes. The events of 2020 have accelerated the pace of those changes – and 2021 will likely do so further – but those shifts in usage had already begun. One key trend, for example, is that buyers are now looking to use their second homes to work from, as well as for leisure purposes.”



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