How to buy a home in Spain safely during lockdown

How to buy a home in Spain safely during lockdown

  • British appetite for holidays and second homes in Spain remains strong
  • CostaLuz Lawyers walks buyers through safe online buying practices
  • Pre-foreclosure purchases deliver savings of up to 60%

The Covid-19 pandemic has done little to quell the long-term British love for Spain. In fact, the idea of lounging on a beach in the sunshine holds a great deal more appeal when it is so far out of reach. As Spanish tourism board officer in London, Javier Piñanes, recently pointed out:

“There is a strong desire to travel on the part of the British and they emphasize that Spain is the destination they want to travel to, it is their top destination for holiday.”

Nor is it just holidays that Brits are dreaming of during lockdown. Recently reported figures from Taylor Wimpey España observed an increase of 39% in website traffic during the first week of 2021, compared to the same week a year earlier.

But with travel restrictions in place that, currently, have no end in sight, how can British buyers turn their dream of holiday home ownership into reality?

According to CostaLuz Lawyers, with the right safeguards in place, it is perfectly possible to buy a Spanish property safely online during the lockdown. While buyers can’t visit the property and the local area in person, they can research to their hearts’ content online. Key to doing so safely is to engage an independent lawyer early in the process.

“The right lawyer can be invaluable in terms of helping you choose a Spanish property. They can help you to work with reputable, honest and reasonably priced agents, arrange a surveyor, check all required paperwork is in place and do the conveyancing and post-sale work. Not only that, but your transaction will be covered by the law firm’s professional indemnity insurance and title insurance, for added peace of mind.”


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