House prices predicted to keep rising in 2022

House prices are set to continue rising, albeit more slowly (Fabrik Invest)
Rents will rise too, while Build to Rent models flourish (Housing Hand)
Demand for second homes overseas will increase, with an emphasis on space both inside and out (Taylor Wimpey España)

Overseas property in 2022

A perennial favourite with second-home buyers from the UK, Spain is a good yardstick when it comes to an appetite for international property. According to the Sales and Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey España, there’s plenty of reason for cautious optimism when it comes to overseas property in 2022.

“We are cautiously optimistic about the performance of the Spanish property market in 2022. 2021 is proving to be a very positive year in terms of property sales and we anticipate that this will continue into 2022, with international buyers keen to snap up high-quality new builds.”

However, he cautions that there are one or two bumps in the road to watch out for, with the main one being that prices of land, building materials and labour are all rising. That means the cost of building homes in Spain is rising, just as it is in the UK and across Europe.

In terms of what buyers will want from second homes in 2022, Taylro Wimpey España flags up the importance of open spaces, terraces, communal areas, flexible spaces and light-filled rooms. With COVID still very much present in buyers’ minds, the desire for space will play a big role, as will the need to spend time outdoors. Properties close to the beach and/or golf facilities are likely to be highly prized in 2022.


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