Expats Spain: lifestyle for Brits abroad

SPAIN has traditionally been a hotspot for British expats. Since Brexit new visa requirements have seen Portugal being cited as the lower-cost alternative. Is it cheaper to live in Portugal?

Expats looking to relocate into the sunshine have long packed their bags and departed the UK for Spain. While its Iberian neighbour Portugal is also a favourite for expats, since Brexit some experts have pointed to it being a better alternative due to new visa processes and the ”cost of living”.

Experts from AB Property Marketing have compared the cost of property and lifestyle in both nations and concluded Portugal comes out on top for savings.

”Numbeo reports that Portugal’s cost of living is lower than that of Spain, which in turn is lower than that of the UK,” explains a spokesperson for AB Property Marketing.

”The Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer 2021, meanwhile, reports that Portugal’s Algarve is cheaper to visit than Spain’s Costa del Sol.

”And with property priced at €1,185 per square metre, Portugal’s homes are also cheaper than pretty much all of western Europe.”

While both nations offer sunshine and a toasty climate, the experts point out there are a few subtle differences between the ”lifestyle” offering in each.

”For those who like to treat themselves while on holiday, Spain is the place to be,” explains the expert.

”From designer clothes to yachts, the country’s southern shores are awash with high-end goods and upscale beach clubs – far more so than that Algarve, which tends to deliver luxury in a rather more laid-back fashion.”

The sales and marketing director of Taylor Wimpey España added: “Spain has long been a favourite destination for British holidaymakers and second-home buyers. Its vibrant towns, superb gastronomy and cosmopolitan atmosphere are ideally suited to relaxation and enjoyment.”



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