A topic for debate – should the construction industry remain open?


With Britain, and many other parts of the world, currently undergoing the worst months of the Covid-19 pandemic, some have called for tighter restrictions and lockdowns – questioning whether things like construction work is indeed essential.

The view from Spain

This is not just an issue of debate in the UK – the same is true across the world, including in Spain.

The sales and marketing director at well-known overseas housebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, is firmly of the belief the construction industry should remain open.

“With appropriate risk assessments undertaken and precautions in place, it makes sense for construction to continue both in the UK and here in Spain,” he says.

“Developers need to think about their post-construction strategy for viewings, as well as the construction process itself. We have several key-ready properties available, for example, for which we are offering virtual tours in order to reduce social contacts.”

But can staff really social distance on-site? “Yes, absolutely,” Pritchard claims. “This is easier to achieve in the construction industry than in many other sectors, thanks to the amount of open space and fresh air that building sites tend to deliver.”

He adds: “While the majority of roles carry some element of risk, with the right approach and strict adherence to the rules, this risk can be vastly reduced for those working across the construction sector. Keeping the sector going – in Spain, as in the UK – is of key importance for the country’s economy, as well as for the completion of homes according to contractually agreed timescales for individual buyers.”

And what of Covid rules being adhered to, to prevent the spread of the virus? “They certainly are here in Spain,” insists.

“From construction workers through to the teams selling the homes that have been completed, there is a deep-seated understanding of the need for compliance with Covid rules. There is clear guidance in place for the construction sector, which is key to encouraging and supporting compliance.”



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