Marc Pritchard: Director of Sales and Marketing at Taylor Wimpey España

We chat with Marc Pritchard, Director of Sales and Marketing at Taylor Wimpey España

  • How did you get into working in the property sector and what do you enjoy about it?

I spent many happy days of my childhood on Mallorca when we went there for family holidays. It gave me a deep-rooted love of the island, which ultimately led to my living here in the early 1990s.

I began working in marketing for Taylor Wimpey España in late 1993 to help others to do the same – to find their dream home, whether on Mallorca, another Spanish island or the mainland. I love working with different types of clients and discovering how I can help meet their needs.

The innovation side of the business really appeals to me as well – I enjoy seeing how homes are evolving and particularly how they are becoming more sustainable. Taylor Wimpey España has a real commitment to that.

  • Taylor Wimpey España sells homes in a range of Spanish locations. Which are the hotspots in terms of demand for your most luxurious properties in 2023?

The Marbella area of the Costa del Sol is going to be a key hotspot for us in 2023 when it comes to luxury holiday homes. There are so many high-end shops and upscale restaurants in the area, plus the nightlife is excellent. The surrounding scenery is stunning too, with picture-perfect beaches, pristine golf courses and ancient architecture dotted around.

  • Who is your typical buyer? 

We sold homes to over 40 nationalities last year, so our buyers are very diverse. The main groups of buyers were from the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Most are keen to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and spend holidays outdoors in the sunshine.

The weather is certainly important to our buyers! Many also want the chance to practice sports year-round – many of our clients are enthusiastic golfers who want to spend more time on the fairways.

Generally, our buyers are between about 40 and 60 years old. They are split between families with children and older buyers who are planning to spend some or all of their retirement in Spain.

  • What do buyers look for in a luxury villa in Spain? 

Most of our buyers are looking for a serene, peaceful area that provides them with plenty of privacy – an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Panoramic sea/golf/mountain views are important to that.

At the same time, buyers are looking for convenience. They don’t want to be more than an hour’s drive from the nearest airport and they want amenities nearby, from shops to places to eat and socialise. Many of those who plan to spend long periods of time in Spain want to have the chance to meet other foreigners/expats too.

Quality finishes and homes that have been built sustainably are also top priorities for those buying luxury properties in Spain. They also need everything for year-round living – so air conditioning systems that heat, as well as cool.

For buyers seeking detached villas – such as those at Las Villas de Dalt de Sa Rapita in Mallorca, where the first phase of construction is due to finish this summer – private pools are a particularly popular feature.

  • Who will be buying luxury properties in 2023 – is it mainly families for personal use or investors seeking the safety of real estate investment in an uncertain world?

Our clients are mainly families who want a second home in which to create magical holiday memories. Many also plan to use their property for retirement. They are certainly conscious of the value of property as a long-term investment, but that is not their key motivation in buying a home in Spain. Only around 10% of our clients are buying primarily as an investment property that they can rent out.


Marc Pritchard: Director of Sales and Marketing at Taylor Wimpey España


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