It’s Time To Discover Cádiz

It’s Time To Discover Cádiz

Taylor Wimpey España takes us on a regional tour, from windswept beaches to sherry bodegas.

Tucked away in the southwestern corner of Andalusia, Cádiz province is home to abundant sunshine, superb local cuisine and stunning natural landscapes. The region is also the perfect antidote to the crowds of Costa del Sol, delivering a serene yet captivating experience that visitors find hard to forget.

One of the many charming aspects of the province is the huge variety it provides. Each town and city has its own distinctive vibe, while the landscapes range from stunning coastal scenes to the rich biodiversity of the protected Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park – one of the rainiest places in Spain.

Cádiz City

Cádiz the city is a delight. From the moment you drive onto La Pepa Bridge (officially titled La Constitución de 1812 Bridge); you can appreciate the city’s unique setting. The bridge – the longest in Spain and one of the highest in Europe – provides a tantalising view of the province’s capital, set against the sparkling backdrop of the sea.

As you explore Cádiz, the sea is an ever-present vista, with the city surrounded on all four sides and only connected to the rest of mainland Spain by a narrow strip of land to the south. The city is home to ancient architecture, winding cobbled streets that create a sense of discovery around every corner and some fabulous tapas bars.

During the day, Cádiz is the perfect place to enjoy a long, lazy relaxation on the white sands, letting the gentle lapping of the waves soothe you. At night, it’s time to head to the old town, where the locals come out en masse to enjoy outstanding cuisine in the city’s many tapas bars. The buzz of the atmosphere is enough to carry you through until the small
hours as you explore Cádiz’s gastronomic treats.

Jerez de la Frontera

The province of Cádiz is the heart of Spain’s sherry wine industry and nowhere can you feel this more than in Jerez de la Frontera – the town that lent its name to the fortified wine. The laid-back location with its grand architecture is home to several bodegas whose sherry-making traditions date back centuries (the Phoenicians first brought vines to the Jerez region around 1100 BC).

Tasting your way around the sherries of Jerez de la Frontera under the heat of the Spanish sun is certainly a pleasure to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.


Another must-visit town in Cádiz is Tarifa, where you can visit the historic castle and view the coast of Morocco across the water from its towers. If you like ancient architecture, exploring the castle, which dates back to 960, is a must, as is visiting the Iglesia de San Mateo (St Matthew’s Church) that was built in 1506.

Tarifa is known as the windiest city in Spain, so while it might not be the ideal sunbathing spot; it’s a mecca for windsurfers and kite surfers. In fact, it’s one of the most popular destinations in Europe for wind sports.

One of the other delights to be experienced while in town is the ability to put your feet in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea within seconds of each other. Tarifa is the point at which the two bodies of water meet, with a narrow strip of rock dividing the two. A quick clamber across and you can go from being in the Atlantic Ocean to being in the Mediterranean Sea in under a minute!

Properties in Cádiz

While Cádiz province retains a relatively undiscovered feel compared to Spain’s Costa del Sol, it is certainly not without a selection of charming resorts offering second homes with superb on-site golf facilities. At the prestigious San Roque Club in southeastern Cádiz, for example, Taylor Wimpey España’s lovely homes at Emerald Greens overlook the fairways and the sea.


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