Environment and energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

At Taylor Wimpey Spain we are committed to adapting all our processes and supply chain to fight climate change, be more sustainable and contribute to improving your health and well-being in your new home.

To achieve this, we adapt our construction processes and work to make our homes as efficient and healthy as possible.


What measures does TWE adopt in the execution of its works:
  1. Nearby suppliers that help minimize the carbon footprint derived from transportation.
  2. We segregate and recycle the waste produced on site
  3. Exterior and environmental conditioning once our work is completed
  4. We contract electrical energy with a Certified Guarantee of Origin for the execution of our work.


What we do to make your home more sustainable and efficient:
  1. Domestic Hot Water using aerothermal machine
  2. In those homes where possible, we install photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity, connected directly to the electrical panel
  3. Faucets with aerators to save water and dual flush cisterns
  4. Installation of efficient appliances
  5. Air conditioning equipment with R32 refrigerant gas (low Global Warming Potential and high energy efficiency).
  6. In selected homes, installation of pergolas for solar protection
  7. Controlled mechanical ventilation for interior air renewal in all homes
  8. Execution control and verification of thermal bridges


What do we do to improve our common areas:
  1. Private parking space with pre-installation for electric vehicle charging.
  2. Installation of drip irrigation with programmer in garden areas.
  3. Sensors, presence detectors and/or timers in common areas. We install low consumption lighting.
  4. Native vegetation will be maintained in areas where possible and new plantations will be made with vegetation that needs little irrigation.
  5. Salt chlorination pools with sizes and depths adjusted to save water.
energy efficiency

energy efficiency


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