Why you should visit Majorca

Majorca (next to Menorca) has been revealed as the top European destination for British travellers this summer, based on Expedia’s hotel search data. What is it about this majestic island that makes it so enduringly popular with holidaymakers?

Nature—in every form

Mountains, valleys, beautiful beaches… if you like feeling at one with nature, Majorca is the place to do it. You can explore on foot or on two wheels, thanks to Majorca’s wealth of excellent walking and cycling routes, enjoying the sunshine and the stunning vistas across the island.

„Majorca is aiming for the island to become a leader in global sustainable tourism“


Despite being the most visited of the Balearic Islands and welcoming more than 10 million visitors per year, Majorca is managing to preserve its natural environment and heritage, with an active programme in place that is aiming for the island to become a leader in global sustainable tourism.

Beaches to suit every visitor

Being an island, Majorca is home to an impressive array of beachscapes. Whether you’re looking for gently lapping azure waters, tucked away coves to discover by boat or huge rollers that cry out to be surfed, Majorca delivers.

Local gastronomy to love

The local cuisine is another of Majorca’s many charms. From rich vegetable dishes (trying tumbet is a must) to hearty meat flavours (the spreadable cured sausage known as sobrassada stands out), Majorca is home to unique and distinctive flavours.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, be sure to try a slice of ensaimada—a local pastry made with pork fat (which tastes infinitely better than it sounds!). If you’re more of a savoury person, try working your way through the incredible wealth of local cheeses, breads and olive oils.

Stay in style

Majorca also offers an impressive range of holiday properties to purchase for families who want to visit the island regularly. Apartments are the most cost-effective form of second homes on the island. At Compass from Taylor Wimpey España, for example, apartments with good-sized terraces and a communal pool cost from €310,000 plus VAT. For those with more cash to splash, The Village at Es Capdella offers semi-detached houses with private pools in a picturesque village setting from €820,000 plus VAT. Detached villas are also available – at Las Villas de Dalt de Sa Rapita in Campos, detached homes with private pools cost from €740,000 plus VAT.



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