Taylor Wimpey España reveals what makes a Spanish holiday home perfect

  • Spanish holiday home
  • Families are seeking flexibility in how they use their space
  • Views of nature are important for relaxation
  • Buyers want homes for now and for ‘after’

Spanish holiday home: The COVID-19 pandemic has done much to change the way we think about our homes, both in terms of how we use them and in relation to the facilities that we want nearby. Nor does this only apply to main residences, as leading Spanish home builder Taylor Wimpey España reveals.

There’s a clear distinction between the kinds of questions potential buyers would ask before the pandemic and those they ask now. Buyers are now much more focused on the flexibility of the space within the home and how many open-air restaurants and sports facilities are available in the open area. There’s a COVID-related twist to their requirements now.”

Sales and Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey España:

Flexibility is key to these requirements. Buyers are looking for homes that serve the whole family, with accommodation that is arranged in such a way as to facilitate multiple generations enjoying the property together. From the number of bathrooms to the placement of terraces and range of dining options, everything is being scrutinised through a slightly different lens.

In terms of the local area, beaches and golf courses, which southern Spain has in abundance, are still incredibly popular. But buyers now want to know much more about other open-air options. From water sports to outdoor dining, they are keen to understand what their options are when it comes to avoiding being indoors too much.

Spain’s climate certainly helps in this respect. While homeowners in the UK are preparing for the cold and rain of the winter months with a certain sense of trepidation, those in Andalusia can look forward to average temperatures of 15°C in November and 12°C in December.



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