Taylor Wimpey España delivers message of hope and solidarity

Solidarity: Leading Spanish home builder Taylor Wimpey España is sharing a message of positivity and hope for the Spanish property market. Despite staff being in lock-down right now, the company is looking to the future and focusing on the day when the sun will shine brightly on the Spanish coast once more.

The Taylor Wimpey España team, along with all those in Spain right now, is living through unprecedented times. We offer our thoughts and our solidarity to all those trapped at home right now – along with some ideas that will hopefully provide inspiration for making time at home a bit more bearable.”

Ideas for defeating boredom at home including reading, cooking new recipes, colouring, giving yourself a home spa-day/makeover, taking online courses, learning a new language, binge-watching TV series, model-making and a whole host of other artistic and creative activities.


Of course, many of those stuck at home will be working remotely for the first time. Defining your workspace, making it neat and orderly and setting a new schedule can all be a huge help when it comes to adjusting to this enforced transition.

It’s also important to maintain contact with as broad a support network as possible, both professionally and personally. From FaceTime to Zoom, there’s plenty of technology in place to keep everyone connected, no matter where they may be.

Being at home also presents the perfect chance to have a serious spring clean. Whether it’s Marie Kondo-ing your property until it’s looking shipshape or rearranging your living room (or dining room, or bedroom, or every room!), enjoying your home as much as possible is essential.

“There has never been a better time to try your hand at feng shui or simply rearrange your home to try a fresh look. If you’re in need of inspiration, then we hope that our show homes, which can be viewed online, will serve as a source of ideas.”



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