Buyers still keen to have a home in sunny Spain: Yorkshire

Buyers still keen to have a home in sunny Spain:

Insider’s guide to buying property in Yorkshire’s favourite place in the sun

With regular flights between Spain and Leeds Bradford and Doncaster Sheffield airports, those in search of sun and siestas have made it the number one place for Yorkshire people to buy a holiday home abroad.

While the pandemic and Foreign Office advice against all non-essential travel has affected the property market in Spain, it has not deterred the most determined home hunters from pursuing their dream.

Brexit has muddied the water over the length of time you can stay in a holiday home but as Spain is heavily dependent on foreign visitors, those with properties there are not too concerned. While nothing has been formally agreed between the UK and EU, it seems likely that short stays will not be affected and it has been mooted that a simple entry visa may be required for stays of more than three months.

Buying procedures should also remain the same though taxation on rental income will change. “There are no foreseen restrictions for Britons buying property in Spain, just as there are no restrictions for Swiss or Norwegian buyers. Both of those countries are also outside of the EU,” says Sean.

The two-bedroom, new-build apartment with sea and mountain views by Taylor Wimpey España, pictured left, is 222.000 euros. Sean says that as a rule, the total buying costs for a resale property will be somewhere between 10 and 11 per cent of the purchase price while the costs for a new-build property are about 13.5 to 14.5 per cent.


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