A Jewel of the Costa del Sol, Puerto Banús-Levante Beach

Paradise at Puerto Banús – Levante Beach: A Jewel of the Costa del Sol

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Description of the beach:

Puerto Banús – Levante Beach, nestled on the vibrant Costa del Sol, is a true gem of the Mediterranean coastline. With its soft golden sands stretching along the azure waters, this beach offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and luxury.

The vibrant atmosphere is complemented by the backdrop of luxurious yachts and chic beach clubs, creating an ambiance of glamour and sophistication. Whether you’re seeking relaxation under the warm Spanish sun or excitement in the water, this beach has something for everyone.


Visitors to this beach can indulge in a variety of facilities to enhance their beach experience. From stylish beachfront bars and restaurants serving delectable cuisine and refreshing cocktails to luxury sun loungers and parasols available for rent, every need is catered to.

Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, and parasailing, while those looking for relaxation can bask in the sun and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea.


This beach is conveniently located near our properties in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. Situated in the renowned Puerto Banús area of Marbella, the beach is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

From Marbella city center, follow the signs to Puerto Banús and head towards the marina. Ample parking is available nearby, or visitors can take advantage of public transportation options such as buses or taxis.

Taylor Wimpey Spain properties near Puerto Banús-Levante: Mare / Terra (San Pedro de Alcántara).

Puerto Banús Beach, Costa del Sol

Puerto Banús Beach, Costa del Sol


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