A breathtaking natural wonder, Coves d’Artà

Coves d’Artà

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Coves d’Artà, located on the eastern coast of Mallorca, is a breathtaking natural wonder and a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring the island. These spectacular limestone caves are renowned for their impressive stalactites and stalagmites, unique rock formations, and stunning underground chambers. Visitors are taken on a guided tour through a series of awe-inspiring caverns, each with its own distinct features and magical ambiance. The caves are steeped in history and legend, offering a fascinating glimpse into the natural history and geological evolution of Mallorca. The enchanting lighting and informative narration make the experience both educational and mesmerizing, suitable for all ages.

Discover one of the most stunning and iconic places in Mallorca. The Coves d’Artà are undoubtedly one of the finest examples of the underground landscape that characterizes the island of Mallorca. Known to have been visited since at least the 16th century, these magnificent caves remain one of the island’s main tourist attractions due to their beauty and grandeur.

With its large entrance, the cave has been known since prehistoric times, although the earliest documented visits date back to the 16th century. The first written record of the cave was made by the Mallorcan historian and geographer Joan Binimelis, who mentioned it in his work “Historía General del Regne de Mallorca,” written around 1595. In the first half of the 19th century, the first detailed descriptions of the Coves d’Artà were printed. Notable mentions include the work of Isidoro de Antillón (1815) and the descriptions published by Mallorcan scholars Joaquín M Bover (1836) and Antonio Cabrer (1840), who explored the caves on several occasions.


  • Guided Tours: Available in multiple languages, ensuring an informative and enjoyable experience for all visitors.
  • Visitor Center: Provides information about the caves’ history, geology, and local legends.
  • Gift Shop: Offers a range of souvenirs, books, and local crafts.
  • Café: Serves refreshments and light snacks, perfect for a relaxing break before or after the tour.
  • Parking: Ample parking space for cars and tour buses.
  • Accessibility: While parts of the caves may be challenging for those with mobility issues, the main facilities are designed to be accessible to all.


Coves d’Artà is easily accessible from various parts of Mallorca.

  • By Car: From Palma de Mallorca, take the Ma-15 highway towards Manacor, and then follow signs to Artà. From Artà, continue to the caves following the local signage. The journey takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • By Public Transport: Regular bus services run from Palma and other major towns to Artà. From Artà, a taxi or a short local bus ride can take you directly to the caves.
  • By Bike: For the more adventurous, cycling routes are available and well-marked from nearby towns, offering a scenic and active way to reach the caves.

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