The Value of Property Inspection Trips Explained

Organised trip like these are a significant investment in money and time for the agent. So today, many agents will have a long list of questions before they will start booking your flights, designed to ascertain if you are really ready to buy.

Julian Walker at Spot Blue in Turkey feels that is only fair: “we are committing a lot of time and resources, so it seems reasonable to expect that people are upfront about where they are in the buying journey. Are they in a position to buy? Is the decision-maker going to be there? If the clients are serious we would certainly be willing to offer an inspection trip.”

Taylor Wimpey España take a similar approach, at £149 for one person and £169 for a couple, but only after ensuring that the buyers are ready.

“Most of our clients do plenty of homework before they get to us,” says Sales and Marketing Director Marc Pritchard, “normally via the internet and through contacting us, some do buy without visiting the site at all. But this generally works when the client knows the area quite well and knows what to expect. Inspection trips are there if buyers need them.”


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