Expert shares property purchase tips

Property purchase tips. RECENT data found that Brexit hasn’t stopped many Britons buying property abroad. What should British expats look out for? spoke to a property expert to find out what British expats should be aware of before buying overseas. Spain is one of the most popular destinations for Britons.

Sales and marketing director at Taylor Wimpey España, said there are a few ways to make the process less “overwhelming”.

He told “Divide the task up into manageable chunks, so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

“Start by focusing on identifying the location that will suit you best. What do you want from the local weather, language, scenery, cuisine, amenities, social life, healthcare system and so on?

“Writing all of this down can be a very useful exercise, both to narrow down what’s important to you and later to check that your chosen property meets all of your criteria.”

He added: “Think about the kind of property you want too. Do you want a tumbledown farmhouse, a pristine apartment in a gated community or a swish new villa with a pool?”

Since the pandemic, many British expats are prioritising outdoor space due to fears of any further lockdowns.

One option for expats who are concerned about security is to consider a golf course property where this is likely to be 24 hour staff.

He said: “Set a realistic budget and see what you can afford. Remember to factor in all the fees associated with the purchase, as these can quickly mount up and impact your overall cost.”

While it might be tempting to strike out alone, Marc advised expats to work with legal and financial advisors.

He said: “When it comes to the purchase process, engage legal and financial advisors at an early stage.

“Each country has its own requirements in terms of the paperwork you’ll need to complete and the hoops you’ll need to jump through to buy a home there.

“Understanding these from the outset can save you plenty of headaches later on.”


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