Beach versus golf property ownership

Beach versus golf property ownership – how to decide which to buy

Homes on golf courses aren’t just for golfers. Nor are beachfront apartments solely about the sea views. If you’re weighing up which type of luxury holiday home suits you best, read on for some insights that should help inform your decision.

Something for everyone: making the case for golf properties  

You might be forgiven for assuming that you need a passion for spending time on the fairways if you own a golf property. However, research by European Tour Destinations found that 66% of people who lived in golf communities didn’t play golf. Yes, the golfing aspect appeals to those who play, but those who don’t benefit from lush, green surroundings and a superbly serene and natural local environment.

Many golf course properties also enjoy access to a range of luxurious on-site facilities. Homes at Natura, for example, come with a Privilege Card providing exclusive benefits and discounts for the facilities at Spain’s renowned La Cala Golf Resort. With a hydrotherapy centre and spa, a leisure and beauty centre, two restaurants, an impressive wine cellar and an impressive range of sporting facilities, including tennis and squash courts, football pitch, gymnasium, fitness activities and an outdoor running circuit, there’s plenty to do for those who have never even picked up a golf club. Golfers, of course, also benefit from the three 18-hole golf courses and on-site golf academy, all surrounded by stunning scenery.

Life’s a beach: the case for seafront homes

Just as golf properties offer more than golf alone, so too do beachfront homes. Sunset Ibiza is a prime example of this. The properties look out over the stunning turquoise waters in an area known for some of the best sunsets on the Iberian island. They also provide easy access to beautiful natural parks, delicious local cuisine and peaceful, traditional villages that provide a stark contrast to the party lifestyle that many associate with Ibiza.

Beachfront homes often make great bases from which to explore the local area. They can also be ideal for those who want to keep active, with many providing easy access to a range of water sports, just ready and waiting to be enjoyed.

Decisions, decisions…

If you’re struggling to decide between a golf property and a beachfront home, it might be best to take a step back and consider your priorities. What is it that you want from the property? How do you plan to use it? There’s likely to be a lot more to the decision than simply ‘golf or beach’?

Of course, if you really can’t decide, you still have options, particularly when it comes to luxury properties in locations like Ibiza, Mallorca and the Spanish Costas. Canyamel Pins in Capdepera, Mallorca, for example, sits just 200 metres from the beach and 600 metres from the picturesque Canyamel Golf Course.

Hybrid beach/golf properties like this are ideal for those who want the best of both worlds. After all, beach and golf properties tick many of the same boxes, with natural beauty and serenity usually chief among them, as well as plentiful opportunities for sport and leisure activities. So if you’re torn between whether to buy a beachfront property or a golf course home, perhaps your inability to decide points to a need to enjoy the benefits of both!


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