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    Ibiza is an island of contrasts. Beautiful natural parks, peaceful coasts lapped by turquoise waters and framed by steep cliffs, nights of partying that go on forever, unusually tranquil, traditional villages, the old vestiges of a hippie vibe, exclusive locales, delectable typical dishes, and the most glorious sunsets in the Mediterranean.

    Over 210 km of idyllic fine sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, natural caves and extraordinary scenery. The coast of Ibiza is brimming with unique, extraordinary spots for a trip to the beach or splashing in the sea all through the year.
    From endless beaches of shining golden sands to secluded bays for relaxing in peace and solitude; the diversity and wealth of the land and the sea beds, particularly the Neptune grass meadows, declared a World Heritage Site, are just some of the main features of the Ibizan coast.

    In Ibiza there are as many options for leisure and recreation as there are people, not only in summer but throughout the entire year. The municipality offers schemes and activities for all kinds of travellers, 365 days a year.

    Ibiza offers visitors the chance to enjoy any kind of sport out in nature all year long: kayaking, diving, sailing, surfing, hiking, swimming, golf, tennis, volleyball, motor sports and horse racing, to name a few.

    You can’t get much better than Ibiza as the ideal shopping destination, thanks to the variety and originality on offer. Browse traditional Ibizan jewellery, arts and crafts, clothes and accessories from all over the world.

    Ibiza is an island of picture-perfect spots to be found at every turn, with sunsets that are famed across the globe. Thousands of visitors flock to Sant Antoni bay every summer to bask in the most awe-inspiring sights as the sun slips below the horizon.

    Connoisseurs of food and wine will find a whole world of flavour to discover, from products sourced from land and sea, such as lamb and fish, to the most exclusive and varied international cuisine, to the most exquisite nectars produced at local Ibizan bodegas.

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