Best exchange rate for 8 years prompts Brits to snap up bargain second homes across Europe

Taylor Wimpey España, observes, With the exchange rate looking so favourable, it really is a case of the more you spend, the more you save at the moment. It certainly seems to have got British buyers moving once more when it comes to Spanish property. Read more:

Property: ‘Invest in Spain in 2015’ as tourism soars

Anyone looking for an investment abroad should look towards Spain for 2015 as its tourist industry continues to grow, says one developer. Spain pulled in a record tourist spend of more than €56million (£43million) in 2013, according to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism – and it looks as if that figure increasd in […]

Ask for the kids’ permission first

What is perhaps less well known is the influence that children have on the purchase of second homes. Owning a home overseas is a wonderful way to enjoy family holidays and avoids the usual hassles associated with family getaways. The TripAdvisor survey found that lugging extra gear and not enough quiet time for parents were […]

Building a better future in Spain

The cranes are on the move once again in Spain, as the construction sector finally picks up its tools following a seven year pause. October 2014 saw the sector register a 13.9% increase in activity compared with a year earlier, according to Eurostat, while financial advisors Arcano have pegged real estate and construction as two […]

Want to buy a second home? Ask for the kids’ permission first!

Whether we like it or not, it’s established fact that children shape their parents’ holiday choices. Each year the TripAdvisor family travel survey demonstrates the influence that kids have on their parents’ decisions. In 2014, some 92% of respondents planned to travel with family and relatives’ considerations were plain to see in the amenities wish […]

Buying a second home is child’s play – no kidding!

For families, buying a second home is child’s play – as long as you get the kids on your side! That’s the view of overseas property professionals who say children play a vital role in the buying process, with pools and locations near beaches among their top requirements. Taylor WImpey España comments:  “There’s no doubt that […]

Spanish optimism spreads despite falling prices

Spanish property prices fell back to levels recorded at the start of last year during the final months of 2014, according to new figures. The industry, though, has never been more optimistic about the year ahead.  Taylor WImpey España comments “We’ve seen resorts across the country receive record numbers of visitors, with the lure of […]

What does Spain hold in store for 2015?

Tourism in Spain contributed 11.7% to the economy in 2013, according to the latest data from Market Research Reports, with total tourism output reaching €191.5 billion. And as 2014 draws to a close it looks certain that those figures will be pushed even higher thanks to a record-breaking year. Taylor Wimpey España comments “It’s been […]

Great 2015 set to be better for Spain than 2014

With visitor numbers rising and its economy improving, 2014 has been a fantastic year for Spain and as 2015 looks set to be even better, overseas property demand is likely to rise says Taylor Wimpey España. In 2014 Spain pulled in record tourist spending of €56,374million from January-October 2014, according to figures from the Ministry […]

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