Not a bird, but a plane

Those of you who took the time to look up to the skies above Malaga last weekend would have been rewarded with some spectacular displays by over 35 civil and military aircraft, helicopters and parachutists.

logo Festival Aereo InternacionalFor nearly five hours the International air festival, involving 90 pilots and craft from Spain, Italy and France, provided a magnificent sight above the beaches of Caleta and Malagueta. The first to appear were Air Ole, followed by a helicopter display that hardly gave their predecessors time to finish. The stunts were absolutely amazing and in clear blue skies no one could have ceased to be impressed. The lucky ones were able to enjoy the views from the balconies and terraces of their apartments while relishing a cold beer no doubt.

Many of the stunts were absolutely fabulous and could have been taken from a video game they were so good. As one display came to an end there was always another one about to get underway. The show went on for a large part of the day with the aircraft ferrying backwards and forwards from the Spanish Air Base and Airfield Malaga Axarquia.

The most anticipated displays were was from the Saeta patrol aircraft, which made their appearance at 1150 hours, and the ASPA, which exhibited an hour later. “We travelled down to see the display from Granada and it was worth every minute of the drive. It was fabulous,” said the Garcia family.

2007 World Aerobatic Champion Ramón Alonso, provided the highlight of the show making some amazing figures in the sky in his Sukhoi stunt plane showing just why this former Iberia pilot is so highly respected.