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Well baked in Spanish sun

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Record numbers of foreign tourists poured into Spain in 2013 to bake on sunny beaches but a new challenge lies ahead: luring them to holiday spots inland. An unprecedented 60.4 million foreign tourists came to Spain last year, spending an estimated 45.1 billion euros (US$61 billion), according to industry association Exceltur. The visitors came mostly […]

Spain’s tourism sector is talking up a bumper summer helped along by the presence of foreign guests in the country but experts warn it’s not all good news for the industry. Tourism is big business in Spain: in fact it’s the biggest. The industry accounts for over 10 percent of Spain’s gross domestic product (GDP) […]

United Kingdom and Germany account for 40% of the visitors and the Nordic market is the largest contributor to overall growth. According to figures released this week, 6.3 million foreign tourists visited Spain in June, representing an increase of 5.3%, 320,000 tourists, more than a year ago, and represents the best figure on historical record […]

The President of the Spanish Federation of Travel Agencies (CEAV), Rafael Gallego, in a statement to Europa Press this week said that the tourism forecast for this summer, after one week into the season, is “pretty good”, with the number of domestic and international tourists in Spain expected to increase by an average of between […]

Juan Molas, president of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourism Accommodation (CEHAT) said “In 2013 we hope to leave recession behind in the tourism sector.” In the last two months, industry expectations have changed radically. Before Easter the occupancy forecasts were terribly pessimistic, but now that the high season is in full swing, hardly […]