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Casa creation: Exclusive interview with Taylor Wimpey Spain’s architect

When choosing the perfect home holiday abroad to relax, a property’s exterior appearance is just as important as its location.

Pablo Liev Sanchez is Spanish housebuilder Taylor Wimpey Spain‘s highly experienced architect who has worked independently with developers for 20 years.

Working closely with the technical team at Taylor Wimpey Spain, Pablo participates in the full process from the initial study for the purchase of a land, unit design, quality definition and budgetary controls to the final delivery of the properties to client.

Working alongside Taylor Wimpey Spain’s head interior design, Ana Garcia Maldonado (also his wife), Pablo shares his trade secrets and what is it about architectural design that he enjoys so much:

What is your vision for Taylor Wimpey Spain properties?

All the sites we develop go through an exhaustive quality control, in search of the characteristics demanded by clients – orientation, views, transport links and / or proximity to beaches and golf courses. The result is homes that respond to the needs of our customers, integrated in an environment that conveys feelings of well-being, elegance and quality.

In terms of the properties themselves, large terraces that allow customers to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Costa del Sol and its fantastic weather conditions are the stand out architectural features of Taylor Wimpey Spain properties.

What was your vision for the stunning new, eco-friendly ‘Botanic’ development on the Costa del Sol?

Botanic is indeed a project that has generated much expectation because we are using innovative and technologically advanced construction systems, with the intention of providing the dwellings with maximum comfort and fundamentally high energy efficiency. We are very proud to have achieved the highest energy efficiency rating obtained today on the Costa del Sol.

Are you using any innovative design techniques or materials in the Taylor Wimpey Spain properties?

Undoubtedly the Costa del Sol is a very competitive real estate market, so a leading company in the sector such as Taylor Wimpey Spain is at the forefront of new technologies oriented primarily to comfort and energy efficiency.

As an example, the air renewal systems used determine a significant energy saving as well as the use of solar energy that provides more than 70% of the hot water of the houses. In terms of materials we use porcelain of the highest range of the SALONI brand.

Horizon Golf is located within the famous Campo Asia golf course, is the golfing element reflected in the design of the homes?

This project has homes on the frontline of the golf course which has been a fundamental of the design. The homes were designed with large windows and garden terraces to act as an extension of the golf course within the houses.

How do you find working so closely with your wife on the interior design side?

Ana is a professional with an enormous creative capacity, she brings a special sensitivity to our projects and gives the spaces of a special elegance, warmth and sense of well-being.

Costa del Sol: Horizon Golf and Botanic

For more information please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit www.taylorwimpeyspain.com  or more information. If you reside outside of the UK you will need to call +34 971 70 69 72. 

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