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60 second interview: Marc Pritchard of Taylor Wimpey España talks about his great love for Mallorca and its property market

How long have you been on Mallorca?

I have been living here for 25 years. My very first memories of Mallorca are of a wonderful family holiday I had with my parents back in 1975. It was love at first sight, is all I can say!

What made you fall in love with the island?

There are many reasons why I fell for Mallorca; the coastline is truly stunning with amazing 200 beaches, many of which boast Blue Flags, all over the island. I enjoy spending time on Mallorca’s best beaches and doing watersports – windsurfing being my favourite.

But I must admit the passionate Mallorquin people were a key factor in choosing Mallorca as my home.

Mallorca has a special hold on me – it’s where I met my wife, started my career in property, and it’s the place my family and I call home.

Who’s currently buying in the island?

At Taylor Wimpey España we sell properties across Mallorca to a wide range of international buyers with the German, British, Swedes and Swiss being the most active, particularly buying townhouses and apartments.

As foreign investment is set to break a new record this year according to a recent JLL report, we expect the growth in international buyers to continue at Taylor Wimpey España.

What is the average price point and where do investors buy?

It depends on the area but as an average across the island, it’s currently around 415,000€ + VAT (£385,000). Our advantage is the variety and affordability of developments we offer. Bahia San Pere is quite unique on Mallorca having a superb location in the unspoiled north east and selling prices of around 215,000€ + VAT (£200,000) for a brand new, two bed apartment.

On the other hand, there are no new developments available in the hugely popular south west of Mallorca for this price at all. Prices in this area range from around 390,000€ – 940,000€ + VAT (£360,000 – £875,000) for three bed apartments or townhouses.

What has been the Taylor Wimpey España’s biggest success so far this year on Mallorca?  

It’s definitely been the sales success on all our current projects that has been the biggest achievement for us on the island so far. It has specifically been the case for the developments Marina Golf and Bahia San Pere. Having been building here for almost six decades, we know the Spanish market inside out. Thus, we are focused on offering only the properties most highly sought after by our clients – quality builds in quality locations.

What new development in the pipeline can we look forward to for the rest of this year and 2018?

We are looking to release two new developments on Mallorca this autumn. One on the east coast in Cala D’Or (two bed apartments at very competitive prices) and a further site in the south of the island for three bed detached villas, again at very competitive prices. Further to this there are a number of new sites in the pipeline for 2018.

What is your outlook on the Mallorca market in 2018?

Generally, Mallorca has enjoyed a positive 2017 so far. Property is selling steadily and in some regions, very quickly. The increase in land values linked to limited availability might have an impact on house prices but despite that, for 2018, the outlook seems steady as the island will maintain its stronghold as a highly desirable destination.

What are your top 3 tips for anyone thinking of buying a home on Mallorca?

First, buy new and from Taylor Wimpey! It’s hassle free with a 10-year guarantee just as you would have in the UK. Then I would advise any buyers to take legal advice to ensure the purchase process is smooth. Finally, it is very important to explore the island first to find out for yourself which area suits you, your family and your needs best.

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